Product Lineup

Bathing Aid

Excellent features

  • All components such as leg thickness, width, angle, material of each part, mounting, etc. are safer design considering the risk of a fall accident.
  • Rubber tips that firmly grip the floor not only suppress the rattling of the chair but also reduce the risk of a fall accident.
  • Aluminum pipe and Stainless steel screws and nuts have rust resistance, so it is a quite easy-care product.
  • Various ideas have been devised such as a drain hole to prevent water from remaining in the pipe.
  • Spacious seat allows you to put your weight naturally.
  • Since the seat width is large, and all series have a height adjustment function, you can sit comfortably, and it is easy to wash the back and side of your body.
  • The handle on the backrest is convenient to carry, turn and move.
  • It is designed to be folded and disassembled without using any tools, so anyone can work easily and safely.

Customer Feedback

Long-term care health facility staff
Since it is used by a large number of unspecified residents, existing small products were inconvenient to wash their bodies. Your products are very popular because they are spacious.
Retailer staff
I was looking for a product that customers could easily detach the backrest. It was hard to find but finally I found your product.
Long-term care health facility staff
Due to rough handling, existing products had been broken or rattled soon. It's been about three years since we bought your product, but it's very sturdy and still in use.
Physical therapist
We bought plenty of your products for the large communal bath in our facility. If the seat width is narrow, there is a risk of a fall accident by dropping users hips on armrest when they sit down, but your spacious seat is safe enough.