Pressure Ulcer Prevention Product

  • Action Pad with promoting independence

    Sales achievement in 67 countries around the world for over 50 years!

Long-term Care Product

  • 4D Heartful cushion for sitting posture stability and pressure ulcer prevention

    Wheelchair cushion for pressure sores!

  • Action Walker Series

    Millions of sales records around the world for over 30 years!

  • Shower Chair Series with world-class load capacity

    Fully support comfortable bath time!

  • Freely adjustable Kobe Stick(Walking Cane)-1

    Length is freely adjustable to best fit for you!

  • Freely adjustable Kobe Stick(Walking Cane)-2

    【Japanese language only】 Thematic channel in Japan

  • Color Korbell diaper pail

    Odor-free nappy disposal!

Training Movie

  • Training Movie

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  • CLOG LITE® made of EVA

    Work shoes for operation room!

  • Slip Resistant Boots “ASHIGARU SUBERA-KNIGHT”

    【Japanese language only】 Anti-slip boots (We have changed specifications in 2021. In this movie, old specification type is introduced.)

Instruction Manual

  • How to fix Action Pad film

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Other Topics

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