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Pressure Care Cushion

4D Heartful cushion

eligible for Long-term Care Insurance (Rental)
Suggested retail price ¥18,150(Tax included)

You might think “What is this shape?!”

There have been sold a variety of cushions up to the present, but you might have never seen this type of shape before. According to our thorough research, it turned out that stabilizing the pelvis naturally produces the least burdensome sitting posture. In addition, from the perspective of pressure ulcer prevention, it was found that by raising the center of the cushion where the buttocks are on, the contact area can be significantly increased, and the pressure can be efficiently relieved. For those who sit for a long time, we will provide a countermeasure of pressure sores with comfort.

Product information

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Product number
40cm×40cm×H6cm Weight 1.5kg
Cushion: Polyurethane
Inner cover: Cotton100%
Outer cover: Polyester 91% Spandex 9%
Anti-slip: PVC
Other: TPU waterproof film on the wrong side of outer cover
Suggested retail price
¥18,150(Tax included)
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